America is the great country it is today because it was founded by individuals who became Americans by choice.  Their ideas, creativity, strengths and determination built a nation that continues to welcome and utilize the talents of those who are inspired by this country’s promise.  In turn, their achievements have become a source of inspiration to others.

Each year,  we  recognize and honor exceptional immigrant individuals who have chosen to make this country their home and who have demonstrated leadership in business, a chosen profession or in the civic arena at the annual Immigrant Journey Awards Gala.  The event is held in June in celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month.  IHM_Content_page_logo

The goal of the Immigrant Journey Awards Program is to honor and celebrate immigrants whose achievements will serve as a role model and an inspiration to all who reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, regardless of their land of birth.  The program also raises scholarship funds for immigrant or first generation American high school students.

Join in the celebration!

Nominate a deserving candidate, sponsor the Awards Gala, apply for a scholarship, or attend the luncheon: