Meet Adan Gonzalez – 2020 Immigrant Advocate Award Winner

Adan Gonzalez cares deeply about the immigrant and Latino community.

He grew up in oak cliff, one of the poorest and toughest neighborhoods in dallas.  His parents are immigrants from Mexico. But he had a goal to get his education and return to build up his community.

Through hard work, and scholarships, Adam was able to get his bachelor’s degree in government  from Georgetown university…his master’s in education from Harvard University, and another master’s in education from Columbia university.

In 2012, he founded the Puede Network in Dallas. He organizes and leads conferences with important executives to provide comprehensive college services, volunteer opportunities and mentorship to over 400 under-privileged families in the inner city.

Adan spreads the word of the importance of a higher education, parental support and community involvement to more than 300-thousand students and parents around the world.

Rafael Anchia, a member of the Texas house of representative says Adan is “a voice.”  A voice that represents thousands of immigrant families who’s broken English is often dismissed,  a voice that has felt the same need for change and exposure that young students are pleading for today.

Congratulations Adan Gonzalez, 2020 Immigrant Advocate Award winner!

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